4 X 4 Baroque Music Festival

I’m sorry I missed tonight’s Bach and Before concert, but there are still some tasty things to come. What a great opportunity to hear A-list performers in terrific repertoire. Check out the artist roster.

Tomorrow night’s Across the Alps: Handel in Italy has music by Muffat (I so love saying “Muffat”) Bach and Handel (his terrific Dixit Dominus). Saturday night’s Three, Songs from Venice and Rome is right in my groove zone with music by the underrated but relentlessly brilliant Giovanni Felice Sances and Barbara Strozzi (and others) and Monday has concertos from the blessed Antonio Vivaldi’s L’estro armonico – listen closely and you will realize that Stravinsky had his head up his…sleeve when he said Vivaldi wrote the same concerto 400 times. All this great music and what does it cost you? Nothing! These are free concerts. Miss them at your own peril.

Georg Muffat, have you heard the muffat man?

For more information visit the 4 X 4 Baroque Music Festival

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